Floreleï is specialized in cosmetics and cold process soap making. We work in an artisanal way from organic and natural ingredients
We are located near Contrexeville and Vittel in the Vosges (France).

Floreleï was born under contrary auspices, in the midst of the first Covid 19 containment
The beginnings were complicated. But we benefited from the support and guidance of partners without whom Floreleï could not have existed. We thank them for that. Access the list of partners who have helped us in our venture.


The ambition behind Floreleï is built around one main idea:


Simple and Healthy For You and the Planet!

Simple and healthy care products (creams, soaps, shampoo bars ... )
Short ingredient lists and noble and total ingredients (unprocessed or "simplified")
Cosmetics that are designed to take care of the body, not to mask it
Our approach is global and takes into account the impacts of our activity and those of the materials and products we use.

Our ingredients :

We work with organic ingredients and favour quality and craftsmanship (cold saponification for all soaps). Our products have few ingredients because we only use what is necessary.
We use primarily ingredients from organic farming
The ingredients mentioned as "natural" indicate that the AB label for the ingredient is not possible (e.g. ingredients that are neither bred nor cultivated such as extraction products like clays).
All our ingredients are certified.
Our ingredients are biodegradable.

Our containers and packaging :

We prefer glass and we make sure that our plastics (jar lids, manufacturing materials, etc.) belong to classifications 2, 4 and 5 (PP, HDPE, LDPE), plastics whose harmlessness has been proven. We do not use PET.

We have chosen to reduce our packaging as much as possible by excluding over-packaging. Our service providers have been chosen taking into account environmental criteria (imprim'vert printing, inks without mineral oil...)

Our business:

Consume less

Low energy consumption

  • Our manufacturing processes consume little energy because in order to preserve the qualities of the ingredients we favour cold manufacturing: no long or high temperature cooking for either cosmetics or soaps. Only the ingredients that need to melt are heated to a maximum temperature of about 45°C and for the shortest possible time.
  • No large equipment such as machine tools or industrial equipment with high energy consumption.
  • Furniture and manufacturing materials chosen according to criteria of energy consumption and environmental impact.

A sustainable approach

  • Preference given to durable materials (glass, stainless steel pro, cloths for tea towels and charlottes etc.)
  • Preference for bulk purchases, optimization of recycling etc.

Better consumption

  • Our work areas are fitted out with furniture, partly in professional stainless steel and partly in worktops and drying areas ("cure" for soaps) built in heat treated pallet wood. This custom-made furniture has then been treated with food-grade and ecological wood saturators.
  • Choice of materials and equipment with low VOC emissions, consideration of the origin and environmental impact of the products we buy.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness should not be at the expense of the planet: we only use simple and certified products (black soap, vinegar, baking soda, organic detergents, steam cleaning).
  • Our communication is essentially dematerialized to reduce our impact: we do not produce flyers or "disposable" communication.
  • Taking into account the recommendations of ADEME and CLIMAXION.

Respect for consumers :

Floreleï was born from a feeling of dissatisfaction with the industrial cosmetic offer and a need for more readability and information from a small group of consumers. Our project is entrepreneurial because we want Floreleï our approach is economic and not capitalist. We are part of an economic reality while assuming an ethical approach.

In this context, respect for the consumer takes place on three levels: the quality of our products, the choice of an informative communication rather than a marketing one, and a pricing policy in line with our manufacturing costs.

  1. We systematically favour active ingredients over neutral or texturizing ingredients. Active ingredients are always in the majority in all our products.
  2. With FloreleïIn order to meet the consumer's need for clarity and guarantees on products, we want to provide clear and exhaustive information on the composition of our products and the qualities of all the ingredients we use.
  3. Our pricing policy is defined according to a margin rate that we apply identically to all our products. This rate is defined on the basis of the cost and the manufacturing time. We are an economically aware company; our approach is to favour profitability over profit.

We are part of the environment in which we live. Our planet is not just a resource, it is a complex system that is not infinite. Our economic practice takes this into account.